Electricity Is On The Schedule 

Morgan has his own personal schedule of sorts. He made a chart showing how many times a week he wants to work on the stuff he’s interested in. 

One of these is his electronics kit. He works on it once a week. He works completely independently- reading and building. 

The lesson he’s on now is making a pulse counter. First, it was single digit. Then, double, and today triple. He said when he finishes this lesson it will count on its own like a timer. 

He will occasionally ask Jake questions when he needs more clarification or when he wants to know if something is possible.  This is usually done in casual conversation or when we’ve gathered for a meal. 

This is the book we got him. The kits contain lots of stuff including the tools. Morgan has had to replenish some things like transistors, but those can be found at any Radio Shack type of store. 

He once made a shocking device, which none of us wanted to try,  although some did just to be supportive.

He once hooked a tiny speaker to a power source to make an extremely annoying high pitched noise which no one knew about for a while so we would all go, “Ugh! What’s that noise!” I thought the surround sound was wigging out. 

We may think nothing of the beginner lessons which power a tiny light bulb. But, as our children are allowed to spend their free time on what really drives their interests those beginner lessons may turn into the stuff of Hiro in Big Hero 6. 

I think Morgan’s paradise would be in a laboratory absorbing the knowledge he yearns for, the opportunity to ask, “What if?” and the means to pursue the answers. 


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