Moving Boxes and Messages 

Here’s a tid-bit of our morning on this sunshine filled day. 

7:30 am (Cuddled in bed.)

Hubby: So, what ya gonna do today?

Me: (Sleepy mumbling.) Go to a baptism…go to the temple…

Me: What you gonna do today?

Hubby: Finish up the Thoreau cabin. (As in, Henry David Thoreau. As in, my husband just finished building a replica of the cabin from Walden’s Pond. As in, THE Walden’s Pond?)

9:45 am

Rylee: Is anyone going with you to the baptism, Mom? 

Me: Don’t think so. 

Rylee: Well, I would go, but I’m going to help my dad’s friends mom’s aunt move boxes out of a basement. 

12:30 pm

Rylee, Porter, Nicole, and Harris have just returned from moving boxes out of their dad’s friend’s mom’s aunt’s parent’s house. 

Nicole: Mom! I just saw so many COOL  things! (Starts naming off and showing pictures of some very cool, very old objects that they had carried up from my husband’s good friend’s mom’s aunt’s parent’s basement.) *See photos below

Rylee: (Talking at the same time as her sister.) So, the lady paid us $120. $30 for each of us and $20 to go eat. 

Me: *gasp* Whaaa…

Rylee: I told her not to. I did my best to talk her out of it!

1:00 pm

Rylee: That lady, Miss Laurel, just sent this message. 

(She reads aloud.)

Me: Awww…

1:15 pm

Hubby: (Who had not as yet heard the message Rylee had received.)  I just got this text from Ryan. 

(Reads aloud.)

The End

* Contents of a basement in the tiny town of Afton.

Tickets that were given out at the fair back in the day.
These old lanterns are fabulous.
Anyone want to make root beer?
This old coconut from a Hawaii vacation a long, long time ago.
A perfect condition dried bouquet.
These were all arranged just like this.


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