Good Reads

The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs is so fun that I have read it aloud to my children about five times over last eight years, and I’m not a fan of reading out loud. 

Harrison, my youngest, is ten now,  and I thought he’d be old enough to appreciate the subtle humor. He does, which is fun because he and I are the only ones laughing. Everyone else is just too mature and sophisticated, I guess. (Although, those mature, sophisticated family members nonchalantly hang around whenever I read out loud.)

On this night, after four chapters, my throat was dry, and Harris could tell I was about to bookmark our page and shut down story time. He begged me, “Just one more?”

I dramatically indicated that my throat was suffering. 

“PLEASE?,” he pleaded with his puppy eyes. 

“At least get me some water,” I choked out. 

He did. We read two more chapters. 

“Smile,” I told him. 


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