About Me

I started homeschooling for a set of reasons that are completely different from the reasons why I now continue to do so. I’m a huge advocate of having a choice in how we educate our children. I made the leap in 2006. It has been a bumpy road of constant change. It is now just a way of life for us. We are a minority in our small community- yet the numbers are increasing! If you have grown out of the mold of  “One Size Fits All”, and are looking for alternatives to institutionalized schooling, that alone is a very brave step! Take heart in your parental instincts and trust that you will be able to adjust your homeschool to the needs of your family throughout your entire journey. I am only one mom among thousands and thousands who are ready to share and lift. Got questions? Ask them! Got answers? Share them! Life is the great teacher. Ergo, living is learning.


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